Symphony Diet 3D

Product Overview

The Symphony Diet 3D household cooler comes with a pop-up touch screen. The easy to use Touch screen control panel pops up automatically with a 3 side cooling pads for superior cooling experience. The Symphony Diet 3D has a Magnetic remote and a large 55L water-tank capacity. The Air Cooler is comes with the i-pure technology which makes it really cool to use.

Key Features :

Air Cooler Type                                                             : Household Air Cooler
Remote Control                                                             : Yes
Auto Louver Movement                                                 : Yes
Empty Tank Alarm                                                         : Yes
Cooling Media                                                               : Honeycomb
Float Valve                                                                    : No
Cool Flow Dispenser                                                    : Yes
Length                                                                          : 450 mm
Breadth                                                                         : 390 mm
Height                                                                          : 1340 mm
Wattage                                                                       : 230V


Highlights :
The Household Air cooler has a pop-up touch screen which pops up automatically when the Air cooler is turned on.
The Air cooler is of 3 star energy rating with an annual energy consumption of 230V.
The Air Cooler provides better cooling than any other air cooler and it requires low maintenance.
The Air cleaning filter/Dust filter keeps the air clean and healthy, without missing even the tiniest particles of dust.

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