blue star air cooler customer care number Hyderabad

Are you looking for a Bluestar air cooler customer care number in Hyderabad?  You are at the right place.  air cooler clinic is completely specialized in all air cooler brands.  we provide doorstep Blue Star air cooler repair services in Hyderabad.  we have an experienced air cooler service engineer with good communication skills.

India’s leading air conditioner expert with 7 decades of experience in cooling homes and offices, the blue star has extended its presence in the air cooler category with the Windus range. Blue stars products are well renowned for their quality,  durability, and reliability the investment and effort put into designing products that suit the harsh climate conditions of the Indian sub-continent have ensured they perform in a trouble-free manner for years

Blue star Windus air cooler unique features

  1. Cross drift technology
  2.  hybrid cooling Technology
  3.  Loni sir purification 
  4.  Silver Nano purification 
  5.  UV protect coat
  6.  remote control operation

Blue star Windus air cooler Smart Features

  1. Wide Angle airflow
  2.  mosquito dust  filter
  3.  Cord winder
  4.  anti drip mechanism
  5.  high efficient honeycomb pad with anti-Microbial property
  6. Ice chamber
  7.  touch panel
  8.  digital display
  9.  Timer
  10.  Automatic louver  moment
  11.  works on inverter
  12.  thermal overload protection
  13.  Autofill
  14.  multiple fan speed
  15.  easy clean
  16.  Castor wheels

Top 3  blue star air cooler models in Hyderabad

  • Blue Star 35 L Desert Air Cooler (DA35LMA, White)
  • Blue Star Aura 60 Litres Desert Air Cooler (Anti-Microbial, DA60PMC, WhiteGrey)


Blue star Air cooler service and support at Hyderabad

For any Blue star air cooler service-related queries or complaints please call us at 79971 00067 from (10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.).  If for any reason you  (or) are not able to Register your Complaints Please email us at 

WhatsApp support 79971 00067